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Welcome to Leggy Moose

Leggy Moose software is the most advanced software available for teaching reading. It is based on 20 years of research on dyslexia and why so many children fail to become fluent readers.

Leggy Moose software is a tool for parents to help beginning readers learn to read. It is not a game that children will play by themselves.

In each lesson the parent and child work through a series of activities that teach a few words. After learning all of the words in the first eight lessons, the child is able to read  a simple story.

There are five different stories that teach a total of 420 words.

Leggy Moose is Different

Leggy Moose software is based on Dr. Catherine G. Penney’s 20 years of research and experience working with dyslexic children. Her method has been used successfully with many children and adults who were having reading difficulties.

The Leggy Moose method is different from all other reading software. No sounding out letters and blending the sounds! No spelling rules!

The Leggy Moose method works better than other methods for children having reading difficulties.

Reading Readiness

Many children have difficulty with reading and become frustrated. The cause is often that the child is not ready for reading instruction and lacks some necessary knowledge. A Reading Readiness Test is included in the software for parents. If the child is not ready for reading instruction, there is information in the software that will help parents prepare the child for reading instruction.

Help us improve our software!

We need parents and children to test our software and record any features they dislike and any places where they found the navigation unclear. Also tell us about what you do like.

You will create an account by giving us your email address and replying to an automatic email from us that gives us permission to collect data from your child. (We are required by law to have consent from a parent or guardian when collecting data from children.) We collect response times and whether the responses made by the child are correct or not.

We will also need the date of birth of the person being taught. This will enable us to determine the age range of the app’s effectiveness.

We will not bombard you with advertisements. The data we collect is exclusively for us to help us improve the product. We will not sell, trade or give our data to any organization or person not employed by our company, Odd Couple Educational Software Inc.

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Free Trial

First, you will create an account using a valid email address.

By law, your permission to must be given to us before we can collect data from your child. When that is done, you will receive an email from us to which you must respond. Your reply gives us permission to do this. You must also give us your real first and last names.

When we receive the reply, an account is set up and you can then use the software.

To access the software, tap the link below.

We then want you to work through several lessons without the child present because you need to learn how the software works. As you work through the lessons, record notes about your experience. What did you like and what did you not like? Where did you have difficulties?

You must have an iPad or Android tablet in order to use the Leggy Moose app.

Ipad's must be running iPadOS 13 or greater in order for the Leggy Moose to work properly. IPads running older software will have issues with audio.